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Life proceeds ...

So, I spoke to the man this morning, and will be picking up an shiny, old Jaguar at the end of the week. It's pretty much the ideal time to have a car that's unfeasibly outrageous and not the slightest bit sensible, since I'll almost never actually be doing any driving in it. Plus it was dirt cheap. It won't be dirt cheap to run, of course, but I refer you to the almost never going to use it bit. Plus I don't care ...

Had an odd email from UBS this morning querying my start date at SpinVox. On a hunch I asked HR when they thought I started here, and it turns out they're out by a year. A year! I can understand a month or two, particularly given the whole switch from being contractors to full time employees that happened two months in. I could understand the date being transposed by one digit being wrong, but almost, but not quite, exactly one year? That's confusing. I ought to be able to persuade them to correct the matter when I tell UBS the correct date and they phone up to confirm, but you never quite know ...

One more week to go!
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