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Light holiday reading

Viki and I have been wondering what to take to read when we go to Kenya. Since we have a pitiful luggage allowance, the fat hardbacks I have sitting around aren't seeming a great idea. Then pax_draconis inadvertently reminded me that I still haven't got around to reading any of China Miéville's books yet.

Which ones ought I buy and which order should I read them in. The flight's aren't exactly short, I probably need 3-4 books, to be on the safe side. And I start commuting by train in a fortnight anyway, so "too many paperbacks" isn't exactly a phrase that can apply to my life right now (unless you're my wife, in which case, apparently, I already have too many books, and need to switch to an electronic format real soon now - it turns out that the house will not be able to cope with me commuting by train again ...)
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