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Damn it's been a while

I feel somewhat guilty that I've been reading about loads of people's lives, but never get around to writing anything these days. It's not helped, of course, by the fact that I now work somewhere that takes a robust attitude to blocking access from frivolous web sites, but still, I've been pretty shit at posting anything.

Mostly, that's been because things are going pretty well, on the whole. I'm busy, enjoying the new job most of the time, and the kids are a lot of fun to be around, most of the time.

Still, tonight I've had a few sherbets, and it's now officially Christmas. According to Norad, Father Christmas is currently over Iceland (he's certainly dropped off the kids presents and drunk his whisky), and I'm feeling the warm glow that comes from being slightly drunk and in a good place.

So, I hope you have a good time, whether you celebrate over the next few days or not. If this year's been a bit shit to some of you, and it certainly has to more than a few people, then next year had better pull it's socks up, or I shall have words. If it's been good, then long may it continue.

I probably ought to go to bed, two very excited small children are likely to be waking me up pretty soon ...

Good night, and Merry Christmas.
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