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By way of an experiment

So, I was wondering. Since I can't post from work, and I clearly don't seem to have time to post in the evenings, is it feasible to post from the train?

"Obviously!", I hear you cry. "This is a modern world, and you're a technical guy."

Well true, but I also cycle to the station, and my laptop is too heavy to be lugged all the way to London and back save for cases whe I really need to ...

"Surely," I hear you wondering, "you aren't proposing to do this on your phone!"

Well, it is a nice phone, and I have installed a pretty good smart keyboard that interprets my vague waving of my thumb past it pretty well, but I haven't completely lost it yet. No, there is another option, the fruits of which you see before you: my Kindle has a 3G connection and a browser of sorts. The keyboard leaves a little to be desired, it's true, but I worked at Psion for nearly 5 years, and it's surprising just how quickly thumb typing on a tiny keyboard is coming back to me.

So, watch this space, it could be that I start using it again. This post certainly hasn't been nearly as painful to write as I thought it would be. Of course finding the button to click on to get here was challenging on a greyscale device, but not insurmountably so ...
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