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The experiment comtinues

Day 2 on the LiveJournal train, and the hayfever is starting to get to yapman. (In the unlikely event that any Kindle devs are reading this, please make the 'Sym' selector wrap. Thank you.)

Made the mistake of picking up Portal 2 half price on Saturday night. It's brilliantly executed, extremely well written, and even funnier than the original. Pretty much exactly what I feared. I was already spending too much time playing Champions Online (I've ways had a soft spot for Champions, its biggest weakness was that people kept insisting on using it as a roleplaying game, instead of the tabletop superhero fight game it so clearly was), and I really don't need another excuse to stay up all night.

Other than gaming, high points of the weekend included "Samuel has taken the motor out of the bubble blower, and is using it to drill for diamonds in the Blast Valley Quarry site. I don't know whether to be proud or annoyed." and fresh peas and new potatoes from the garden.
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