Clive (yapman) wrote,

Oh the irony

I'm positive the Sun will still be claiming that they've never been involved in phone hacking, of no, that was just their sister paper, but I'm watching Lulz Sec completely owning them with more than a little schadenfreude. It's rather less interesting this morning (they appear to be offline), but I did enjoy their little piece about Murdoch's death and his crystal meth lab. They could use somebody a little more capable of writing polished prose though, although their scripting is clearly excellent.

Have been enjoying G. R. R. Martins latest child step. Seriously, it's that big. What I've not been enjoying nearly as much is the sleep deprivation associated with only reading it after Viki goes to bed. Tonight I shall be disciplined.

Speaking of disciplined, the whole not eating much to lose weight isn't working as well as I'd like. I keep putting it back on at the weekends, which is depressing. As a result, I've decided that merely cycling to the station and back is insufficient (which it is, it's about 2 miles each way). At least once a week I'm now going to get out and go for a proper ride, starting this evening. With a bit of luck this won't result in so much adrenaline I'm unable to sleep until stupid O'clock, but past evidence suggests this is, in fact, what will happen. That would be sub-optimal, but I can live with it.

Sleep is for the weak, after all. Or is it the weekend? One of those. And it isn't the weekend, if you have children ...
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